Oops there goes gravity! Well this time, we’re actually going to use gravity to our advantage. If you aren’t sure if you have a tight or weak pelvic floor or aren’t sure how to do a kegel, this might not be the best place to start. BUT you can absolutely watch our video on Filling and Emptying Breath by clicking here and then do that in the supported bridge.

Grab some pillows to support under your bottom, start with your inhale/filling breath, and on the exhale; slight squeeze and lift towards the head. This should feel easier to do in this position than laying flat. Very subtle movements, try not to squeeze the glutes.

Please contact us with any questions at 623-226-4002. No one should have to flounder in doubt, wondering if they need to do kegels, or which kind or if they’re doing them well. We can help with that. And with gravity!

These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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