Wish your shoulders had that range of motion?

Me too – especially this week!

If you have neck or shoulder pain – this week is for YOU!

It’s Amy V here and I’ve been having trouble with my left shoulder these last 2 weeks. I’m usually pretty relentless about working on my mobility to avoid injury and make sure I don’t miss workouts but this tension has been hanging on and I knew there were areas I couldn’t get to – so I scheduled with Kadi for some massage and cupping.

What I felt and how it helped got me thinking – which led to the video I filmed in my backyard (excuse my dogs barking). Have a listen to that while you read the rest of this.

Our ribs attach in the front to our sternum and wrap around the back to our spine. So one one hand it seems like a cage for our heart and lungs that might be pretty immovable – but thanks to cartilage and those amazing joint connections, our ribs have expansive capabilities for flaring out and up when we inhale and coming back down as we exhale as well as rotation with out spine. All those tiny intercostal layers that go between each rib needs to be pliable for this to be optimal.

When some of these muscles tighten, we rarely feel the pain or tightness in our ribs or even midback – we typically get symptoms in our neck ad shoulders!

So here’s the top secret insider tip: Work on your rib and thoracic mobility to stay free of shoulder and neck pain. This will also automatically help your posture. 

Have you given your ribs or intercostals any love lately? Maybe you use the ball you received at our office.

Maybe cupping scares you.

  • Our cups have variable degrees of suction and our therapists are highly skilled at choosing the appropriate level adn checking in with you about how it’s feeling.
  • Bruising often depends on the degree of restriction. There were some spots I was cupped that don’t even show up on my back.
  • Our amazing therapists do awesome things with the cups including sliding them along your tissues for fascial tension and getting circulation and movement into the intercostals which are often overlooked and can be hard to reach!

We’d love to hear if you’ve tried cupping, what you thought of it and if your ribs and back need some love, give us a call to get scheduled!


These videos and any content included are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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