How are we different and what do we do? 

Unlike traditional treatment settings, you will receive:

  • A full body assessment by a physical therapist, trained to evaluate your entire system for restrictions, blockages, and tightness.  Pelvic issues may include both internal and external evaluation but that will be discussed ahead of time.
  • Physical therapy sessions utilizing the most effective form of manual therapy, JFB Myofascial Release, from a highly trained, expert MFR therapist. Development of a home program is also important for your ongoing health and ability to remain pain free, active and avoid medications. You will receive an individualized program, emailed to you with videos to help ensure you feel confident doing movements correctly.
  • One-on-one patient care.  You will have our undivided attention for the entire session and you will have the benefit of working with Amy V. or Amy C. to have multiple set of eyes and hands assessing and assisting you.  You will never be left in a room on a machine or handed off to an assistant or tech for exercises or additional care.
  • For more info on what Pelvic PTs even do, we made you this video!

Treatment for both Moms and Babies!

We offer combo sessions for moms and babies, often to treat lip and tongue ties. This allows for mom to receive 60 minutes of treatment and 30 minutes for babies to address the neurological system, sync cranial nerves and reflexes, provide post partum treatment for mom and structural releases for baby to address any birth trauma, no matter C-section or vaginal delivery. Being a mama is hard. Add in breastfeeding issues and any perceived trauma and moms need just as much support as the babies. This provides efficient 2 in 1 treatment to create an optimal start for both mom and baby! Dads welcome too!


Evaluations are usually 90 minutes so that we can hear your story, truly understand your concerns and goals, evaluating your whole body, have at least 60 minutes for the hands-on treatment and establish a starting point for your home program. Ongoing sessions are usually 1 hour, but we also offer 90 minute and 2 hour sessions.                                                              Mini-intensives are also available, but require specific scheduling arrangements.  Please ask for more information to take this advanced step in your healing process.

This video will give you an example of what to expect from your myofascial release session. 


We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards including Discover, American Express and also HSA or FSA cards.  We can provide an invoice with all appropriate codes to submit to insurance for reimbursement. We also have packages and payment plans available.