Here at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy, we love helping women have healthy, active pregnancies, optimal deliveries and a faster recovery to get back to the activities they love.  

We offer a free discovery visit for several reasons:

          1) Most women have never heard of pelvic physical therapy.

          2) If they have heard of it, they have no idea if they need it.

          3) Even if they're sure they need it, they have no idea what's going to happen when                  they come in.

That is not how we want you to feel! We want you to feel honored and heard. We want you to have a sense of peace that this is the right place for you to be, confident in the care you will receive. We want to build some trust, for you to feel safe. That all goes so much better when we meet face-to-face and have a chance to talk about what is going on and how we can help. Click here to request your FREE discovery session now or click here to watch a video about WHY we do them!

We are here to help you know and trust your body, to feel confident in what you need to heal and feel whole again, to have the best pregnancy and delivery you can, without pain, medications or limitations! 

headshot 2016 2Amy Vander Linden has been a physical therapist for more than 19 years and specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release.  Amy has found this to be the most effective way of eliminating painful restrictions and restoring mobility.  

Her passion is to help women THRIVE throughout pregnancy and afterwards, whether they had a baby 6 weeks ago or 16 years ago (postpartum is forever). She assists them towards wholeness by empowering them to know their bodies, understanding healing processes and offering therapeutic touch, gaining confidence in their ability to do the things they love and providing education so they and baby can have an optimal start!

She has worked in a variety of settings, from children to adults and the elderly, with a passion for helping anyone who is suffering and limited from living life to the fullest.  MFR addresses all types of ailments by relieving restrictions that can be causing 2000 pounds of pressure on pain sensitive structures. She has over 380 hours of specialized training by John Barnes in the JFB Myofascial Release Approach including women’s health. Ultimately Amy created Moment of Truth Physical Therapy because she knew she wanted to focus on individual care, focusing on the much neglected area of Women’s Health.



Courtney has a passion for prenatal care, and has been performing prenatal massage for the past seven years. She believes that pregnant and postpartum mothers deserve to take time for themselves and she loves helping them take care of any pain and anxieties they may have throughout their journey into motherhood. 






Melissa graduated in 2007 as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Since then she has worked with a variety of ages, illnesses, injuries and diagnoses. She fell in love with myofacial release in 2013 because of how it allows mind, body and soul to integrate and heal as one. Her passion, is to assist other women to honor themselves through manual healing, helping them see their goals, and return to the lifestyle that they desire. 








Cassie has a passion for women, and loves to watch others blossom as they learn more about themselves on their own healing paths. While she mainly handles our front desk and marketing, she is always ready to lend an ear to listen, a cup of tea to soothe with, and a soft place to rest.