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Job Description

Moment of Truth Physical Therapy is excited to be adding a team member who will specialize in connecting to our clients! It will be your job to make clients feel special, valued and heard. You will play a specific role in:

  • Communicating with the clients in person and on phones
  • Following up with scheduling, taking payment
  • Instilling confidence in them that we will meet their needs

You have a chance to be the secret weapon, that "wow" factor that helps us go above and beyond! If you have the people skills, creative nature and innovative spirit this describes, please continue reading.

At Moment of Truth Physical Therapy, we help women have healthy active pregnancies, prepare for an optimal delivery and recover faster to return to the activities they love! Our passion is to provide healing through touch, education, exercise and overall health for women, particularly surrounding pregnancy so they can have much greater confidence in their bodies. their abilities and feel empowered to choose what they need for their health! Here are some of our core values.

  • COMPASSION - Build lasting relationships by exceeding client expectations.
  • CREATIVITY - grow outside our comfort zones
  • CURIOSITY - stay in a mindset of learning and openness
  • COURAGE - be of service by putting others first
  • COACH - provide resources outside our own practice to add value for our client's total health
  • COMPEL - be consistently reminding clients of their goals related to quality of life so they follow through with care for optimal outcomes

You can find out more about us and more about the job at our website www.momentoftruthpt.com