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Earthing – What is it? And What are the Benefits?

Earthing, what is it? Connecting to the earth is the easiest way to describe earthing. Grounding ones self. One can connect with the earth by walking barefoot, laying on the ground or submerging/floating in water. As we connect with the

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Lung Meditation

Hello all! I wanted to reach out and offer this as a chance to connect, strengthen our awareness and inner healing power. We all have so much light within us. Our breath is powerful and it’s imperative that we feel

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Truth of the Moment – The Journey

The first Frozen movie came out in November 2013, right in the midst of my decision to stop doing home health and focus only on my own private practice, Moment of Truth Physical Therapy. That movie was so powerful for

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Truth of the Moment – Pain Free Pregnancy Report

You do not have to suffer with many symptoms just because you’re pregnant, or because baby is growing, or because your body is producing Relaxin hormone. Pubic Symphysis pain, back pain, ligament pain, difficulty breathing, ribs feeling out of place

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Truth of the Moment -There’s a New Face Around! Welcome Natalie to our Team!

Where did Cassie go? Who is on the phone? Is Cassie coming back? What is going on? Drum roll please. . . You guys! – it is absolutely our pleasure to introduce Natalie! She is our new customer care specialist

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Truth of the Moment – Merry Christmas from Moment of Truth

We wish you and your families a very blessed and joyful holiday season! Melissa wins the award for most unique movie recommendation. Emmet Otter, a precious animated film. Courtney loves The Santa Clause, Natalie chose The Grinch with Jim Carrey,

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Truth of the Moment – The Power of Words

The Power of Words by: Brittany Webster Pain: we’ve all had it, and have probably been told by a medical professional a reason for it. Reasons such as: a disc, a tight or weak muscle, alignment, or instability to name a

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Truth of the Moment – Beyond Breastfeeding

So the baby is born – the hard part is over right? Then this thing breastfeeding that we’re supposed to just figure out. Thank goodness for so many more lactation consultants being trained and recognized for the value they offer.

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