Courtney was Amy’s first hire on the MOT team. She is a wife and mother of 2 and loves outdoor adventures. She also loves yoga and healing trauma in different ways. Courtney offers prenatal and postpartum massages and has advanced training in fascial and visceral work that make her especially equipped to help you.  She also offers cupping. 


Originally from Chicago, Candin moved to AZ nearly 6 years ago with her husband ( a native Arizonan) to raise their family. Her passion for healthcare began as a former professional dancer and gymnast. As a massage therapist of 15 years, she has treated everything from olympic athletes and famous entertainers to volunteering for the homeless and cancer patients. As a mother of three, Candin attests to perinatal and postpartum demands. (She has expertise in: Pregnant and post partum massage, Scar tissue manipulation, Massage specific for baby blues and PP depression, Breast massage, Cupping, Thai and Lomi-Lomi massage, Swedish and sports massage)


Bethany is a born and raised “Masshole” (otherwise known as a Bostonian, which is possibly the reason Amy hired her) who has transplanted to AZ. Her love of massage and helping people led her to pursue nursing and she just graduated, but thankfully for the MOT family, she plans to stick around! She is looking forward to bringing the healing  power of positive touch to all those who seek it. She is a devoted mother to a tiny human and 65lb lap dog. She loves to paddleboard and train at fight club, but alas, she can’t talk about that!

Bethany  offers prenatal and cupping as well as sports massage. 


Meet Maria Mandarino! She is a classical acupuncturist and massage therapist as well as a spiritual director. She has worked in holistic medicine for over 20 years and came to East Asian Medicine as a patient after being in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Maria strives to empower her patients by educating them about their health according to the East Asian model of wellness. She believes that dis-ease begins in the spirit, and that the body heals when harmony is restored to the soul. Maria’s treatments focus on treating the root (the cause of your symptoms) and not just the branch (the symptom that gets your attention). Maria is also trained in MFR and considers herself an MFR-informed acupuncturist and is always applying MFR concepts in her work.

She has expertise in many areas that she incorporates into her sessions depending on what the body is showing her. (Treatments primarily focus on: Asian acupuncture, Moxa, AMMA, Myofascial work as an adjunct to acupuncture. This helps: Balance the body’s organ systems, Improve sleep, Help hormonal balance, including menopause, dysmenorrhea, post surgical issues, Calm the nervous system, including Fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic fatigue, Autoimmune, Gut health including IBS, leaky gut, Allergies and much more!)



Our massage therapists are an integral part of our team and offer highly skilled manual services to address pain, tension and other health concerns. 

60 and 90 minute sessions available.

We also have gift certificates and packages. Feel free to call us at the office for more information. 623-226-4002.