We help men and women get free from pain, trauma and restrictions to be more active and live without limitations!

Why Choose Moment of Truth Physical Therapy 

Rebuilding Your Core After Pregnancy | Moment of Truth Physical Therapy

We use hands-on therapy to address the whole body, including the pelvis to ensure you feel known, mind, body and soul. We separate common from normal and help you come home to yourself, with confidence in YOUR body and what it needs for health and mobility!


Feel good and have confidence throughout your pregnancy so you can give birth without fear! Our therapists will help your body have optimal alignment and feel prepared for delivery. We can teach how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which will decrease the chance of needing more interventions during delivery.

Improve postpartum recovery

Get to know your new body! The therapists at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy will help you increase mobility and strength, decrease pain, swelling and fatigue so you can feel like yourself again. No need to suffer with peeing or painful sex or wonder if you'll ever feel "normal" again!

Babies need Treatment too

We work with babies after delivery. We address many concerns such as torticollis, lip and tongue ties, digestive issues and more. 

We want moms and babies to have an optimal start with their breastfeeding journey and ensure that baby has no residual restrictions from delivery. 

Male Pelvic Health

We help men have better mobility, blood flow, maintain a healthy sex life and prostate function. We also help address post-surgical pain, pelvic pain and other pelvic dysfunction. This can help avoid ED, optimize athletic performance, and improve vitality and longevity!

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how we work


Full Body Assessment

A full body assessment by a trained physical therapist to evaluate your entire system for restrictions, blockages, and tightness. 


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy sessions utilizing the most effective form of manual therapy & development of a home program to keep you symptom free.


One-on-One Care

You will have our full attention during each session. You will never be left in a room on a machine or handed off to an assistant or tech.

We help women have healthy, active pregnancies, optimal deliveries and faster recoveries to get you back to the activities you love.

Monica // Breast Cancer Survivor

"Moment of Truth is such a comfortable and calm place. Amy has done a great job with every aspect of the business. I recently had my first massage since Breast Cancer Surgery in January with Courtney, and it was really good. I have been waiting to get released by the doctor to have a massage and with COVID hitting, had some concerns; but Courtney was very safe and ensured I felt as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend Moment of Truth and Courtney for a massage."

Tejanita  // Mom

"My little gymnast daughter came with me to talk to Amy about their services for Myofascial and pelvic floor therapy and she saw the silks in the yoga studio. Everyone in the office was so friendly and answered her every question and gave us a tour and explained all the resources they had. They invited us back for an aerial yoga class and my daughter was in heaven. The instructor was respectful, patient and kind. I love of the resources available to the community!"

Amey Fields // Nurse

"Amy has saved me twice now.
As a nurse my job is hard on my body. I don't have time to let muscle pulls and a sore back slow me down. Today I woke up unable to move my right arm at all, my right shoulder was locked in place. I was so lucky that she had a last minute cancelation. An hour on her table, she worked her magic and now I can move my arm. She has also done pelvic floor therapy on me, which I think that every woman should have, especially after having a baby. Thank you Amy!"

Here’s our Awesome Team

Each of us here at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy believe that physical therapy is a collaborative process. It's important that you learn how to listen to your body and make the right decisions for your recovery. We can't wait to help you on your journey.

Amy Vander Linden

Physical Therapist

Amy Cruz

Physical Therapist

August Attalla

Massage Therapist

Courtney Giroux

Massage Therapist

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Love Moment of Truth! I was in labor when I went in for the first time. I've since been in for postpartum pelvic pain which they helped in one session. Quality, genuine, friendly practitioner.

Mandi Pimental Mom

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