Freedom isn’t free!

I love that quote and it sure can get the wheels turning. Amy V here again pausing from our regularly scheduled Wellness Wednesday to wish you a happy holiday and share some news! I wish I could insert a video of me dancing for joy!

As we take some time to reflect on Freedom and our Independence day celebrations, I thought it would be the perfect time to share an amazing adventure I have coming up as well as ways we give back – and you can even be part of it! For May and June, we donated 10% of our shockwave profits to Project42, a global organization doing extraordinary work to reach the unreached. It was such a privilege to write that check. 

We are so blessed in this country – most of us are truly free. Sometimes responsibilities or bills or stressors weigh us down but if we truly stop and think or speak to people in other countries, we are free to:

  • Worship where we choose
  • Speak freely
  • Have access to food and water
  • Travel
  • Vote

This is not a political post so don’t get all spun up. By all means, take a moment to reflect on all that’s changed, some for the better and some not, but I truly hope you land in a space of gratitude for all we have access to, simply by being born here or finding a way to immigrate.

Hopefully you’ve been in the moment of truth family long enough to know my passion for helping causes surrounding trafficking. Maybe you were at our 1 year anniversary for the art auction and fundraiser for Dream Center. Maybe you’ve heard me share about my dream to get grants and work with women coming out of trafficking. Or the many ideas I have around hosting retreats around sexual health and trauma. 

Regardless, I finally have an opportunity to take action on this dream and I would truly love your support, whether that’s prayers, financial or just your well wishes, cheering me on to serve these amazing women who have truly lost every possible aspect of their freedom. 

I am honored to be part of a team of 15 women through the nonprofit organization Wholeness Journeys, which has been dedicated to this work in Costa Rica for over five years. Wholeness Journeys operates under the 501c-3, The Cause, and is committed to supporting vulnerable populations worldwide. Any donation would be tax-deductible as well.

We will be partnering with Transforma and Face of Justice in Costa Rica. These organizations serve women, children, and families living in extreme poverty, those who have suffered abuse, and individuals escaping prostitution and political upheaval. Their programs offer healing, empowerment, and transformation, and we aim to make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

This missions trip is happening next February with the intention of gaining training and insights and valuable experience that will enable us to partner with local organizations on a deeper level to continue this work. In whatever way you feel led, I truly value your partnership and am asking for your support in this journey to bring hope and healing to women in Costa Rica.

There is truly no great loss of freedom than their own humanity and autonomy that was taken from these women.   I feel so deeply honored to play any role whatsoever in them regaining that. Click the link to make a tax deductible donation!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Amy Vander Linden

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