April is not only Stress Awareness Month but also Move More Month. 

You may be wondering what that could possibly have to do with your pelvic floor?

Amy here and I’m excited to tell you how it’s absolutely connected. Our bodies are made to move!

You might be tempted to say Duh (do adults still say duh?) but take a minute to truly think about how much movement you get during your typical day. Think about what you do if part of you feels sore or achy –

  • Do you rest?
  • Do you take medication?
  • Do you stretch?
  • Do you use heat or ice?
  • Do you ignore it and hope it’s gone the next day?

Our bodies love movement. It actually increase joint lubrication to go through full range of motion patterns. Our bones are actually healthiest and strongest when they experience consistent periods of loading

Ok – so hit play on the button and get your booty up. Here are some suggestions!

  • Make a playlist that gets you moving
  • Take a 20 min walk 4-7 days per week
  • Lift some weights
  • Do yoga – this is great for connecting your breath and pelvic floor

Moving also decreases our stress levels, particularly when low intensity. Please reply and let us know your favorite ways to move or your favorite songs to move to! We’d love to make a MOT playlist!

Let’s hear your favs,


These videos and any content included are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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