A pelvic wand is a medical-grade s-shaped tool typically made from silicone and used for soft tissue release and to treat pelvic restrictions. It has two ends — a narrow, rounded end and a wider end with a slightly soft point. The smaller end is used in the vaginal canal or rectal, and the larger end is for vaginal or muscular use.

Is a Pelvic Wand a Sex Toy?

Several women are bothered by the fact that a pelvic wand is a sex toy when in reality — it couldn’t be further from one.

Pelvic wands are not sex toys. They are therapeutic devices that can be used to treat various issues with the pelvic floor and vaginal canal, and they are designed to reach different layers of muscle tissue. The s-curve distinctly makes a pelvic wand different than a vibrator or dildo.

When Should I Use a Pelvic Wand?

While a pelvic wand will not be a solution for every pelvic floor issue, there are a few reasons it might come in handy:

  • Vaginismus — This condition describes the tightening and spasming of the vaginal canal. Pelvic wands can help to relax this area and lessen the intensity of the spasms.
  • Painful sex — If you are experiencing painful sex, using a pelvic wand may be a helpful addition to your daily routine to loosen the pelvic floor.
  • Tight pelvic floor — A pelvic floor with extra muscle tone (often found in athletes) can become tense, requiring a pelvic wand to release the trigger points.
  • Incontinence — Sometimes, when pelvic floor tension and guarding lead to incontinence or leaking pee, we can use a pelvic wand to ease the tightness.

Tips for Using a Pelvic Wand

All pelvic wands have two ends — a smaller end and a larger end. The smaller end is great for vaginal or rectal work treating issues such as hemorrhoids, fissures, and constipation. In contrast, the larger end is ideal for gently engaging the tissue barrier and releasing pain and restrictions.

Best Pelvic Wand Recommendations

Intimate Rose

Intimate Rose is our preferred brand of pelvic wand — this company’s entire product line was designed by pelvic floor physical therapists. They are made with a comfortable, washable silicone layer that can be used with all types of lubrication. They have several types of wands, including a traditional pelvic wand, a temperature pelvic wand, and a vibrating pelvic wand.

The temperature wand can either apply soothing heat for comfort and to ease tension or cooling for nerve pain and inflammation from endometriosis or PCOS or pudendal neuralgia. The vibrating wand can help to decrease pain and calm pain receptors for intense and chronic pelvic pain.

How Often Should I Use a Pelvic Wand?

While the frequency of how often to use a pelvic wand varies with each condition, it’s generally recommended to use it for a small amount of time daily. It is meant to train your pelvic floor muscles to relax, so just 5–10 minutes per day is often a reasonable amount of time.

As you make gradual daily progress, you can eventually use your pelvic wand just three times per week, then one or two times per week when you are in maintenance.

Benefits of a Using a Pelvic Wand

Research shows that roughly 20% of women are experiencing some form of chronic pelvic pain, and given how rarely this topic is discussed between patients and practitioners — this percentage is likely much higher.

Pelvic wand massage is a valuable way to reduce chronic pelvic pain, restrictions, and inflammation. With consistency, you could reduce your need for as many in-office pelvic floor physical therapy visits, where we help with manual therapy and other forms of treatment.

How Can Moment of Truth Physical Therapy Help with Pelvic Pain?

If you are unsure whether a pelvic wand would help to ease some of the inflammation, tightness, or discomfort you are experiencing in your pelvic floor, our team at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy in Peoria, AZ, would be happy to perform a thorough pelvic floor evaluation.

If we determine a pelvic wand is right for you, we will help you learn how to use it and equip you with the confidence to use it successfully at home. We’ll also provide you with a discount code to order your pelvic wand from Intimate Rose at a reasonable price.

Contact us to schedule a discovery session. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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