"I am passionate about helping women trust themselves by having more information and resources to know their bodies, understand expectations and make their own informed decisions. This list is lots of information condensed to provide a brief checklist to help women check in with their bodies after delivery and know when additional help may save them time, stress and money by getting the right care!"         Amy Vander Linden, PT

Postpartum care is severely lacking in our country. This is our attempt to give you a quick checklist to know some things about your own bodies so that they don’t settle for common, thinking it is normal. The free report is available now by filling out the box below. The 6 week check-up is an arbitrary timeline that is not necessarily any indication of tissue healing or readiness for any particular activity and often no actual exam of stomach, vaginal tissue or pelvic floor.                

Are you worried about or think you have:

·         Diastasis – ab separation

·         Painful Sex

·         Urinary leaking/incontinence

·         Back pain, especially with prolonged standing

·         Increased pressure vaginally with standing or bowel movements

·         Weakness in your legs even without much activity

·         Feeling any bulges with wiping or squatting

·         Issues with knowing how to resume exercise safely

·         Scar tissue from C-section, episiotomy or other abdominal/pelvic surgeries

All of these issues are extremely common after pregnancy and delivery but are not normal and are treatable. We know it can feel scary to even ask some of these questions but there are a lot of steps between doing nothing and the more invasive things like surgery. We offer a free discovery session so we can just have a conversation about it and see what can be done to help and so you will know exactly what to expect if you come in for treatment!

Postpartum Checklist

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