Today we’re talking about the links between hormones, your cycle and sacral pain.

This month we’re highlighting the 176 million women worldwide who suffer from endometriosis. As large as that number is, there are exponentially more that suffer from sciatic and sacral pain, which is much easier to heal than endometriosis. Amy here and I want to share more about the causes and overlap of these issues. 

Many of these symptoms can occur even without endometriosis, but is even worse when paired with endo. It breaks my heart as so many women are told there is no hope and that just isn’t true! 

During our bleeding portion of our cycles, there is a surge of Relaxin that causes some additional laxity to occur that often worsens back pain or sacral pain that can be very common to experience, especially for women.

If you have additional inflammatory issues from endometriosis, this can be particularly problematic and painful. 

Women have more shallow joint surfaces where the sacrum meets the pelvis and it is largely held together by ligaments and muscles so when that Relaxin hits, it can allow for more easier shifting. Combine that with us all having asymmetries and our dominant side and it can create a perfect storm for sacral and sciatic pain. 

Watch below for a more interesting explanation (at least I hope so)😍 

There is hope! We help clients address the imbalances and asymmetries and strengthen their core, pelvic floor and back to avoid this issue long term. It’s truly not as complicated as it feels and we would love to help!

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These videos and any content included are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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