Hey guys, it’s Courtney!

Why I do what I do —

Over 17 years ago, I was a young girl who was in constant pain from migraines from two car accidents in a short amount of time, ended up having to walk away from her music education career, and feeling like a failure at 19 years old with no other ideas of what I wanted to do with my life…And then I found massage!

I wanted to understand the body better, understand my pain better, and wanted to learn how to help others who were struggling as well. Learning about the body was so life changing for me, and continues to surprise me, even after 14 years of massage.

To see and feel tissue change texture before my eyes and under my hands when working on the body and to feel and see a shift in someone’s mood/spirit will never get old!

My favorite treatment that helps my clients!

Some of my favorite things to help my clients are showing/telling them of all the cool EASY and FREE tools you can do to calm your nervous system and help your body – yourself!

Tapping is one tool I love to share with clients, because you can customize it if you would like, or just take out the words and tap the acupoints if you aren’t feeling up to it.

This uses tapping on acupoints in the body and speaking out emotions/feelings, releasing them, and replacing with positive words/affirmations.

Sometimes emotions come out when tapping on these points, that’s good! Let them flow and breathe. You’ll notice in this video, I needed to release some emotions myself – even though I had spent time writing out those words for this video and reading them through several times…. when I went through with the tapping, the emotions came flowing out and I didn’t have a clue that was about to happen. I needed it more than I thought, apparently! Sometimes these emotions can relate to some of our physical pain in our body – have you been feeling any aches and pains leading up to the holidays?

Try this video and let it flow! <3

Merry Christmas Moment of Truth Family!

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