Ever wonder why you find yourself recoiling when your toddler climbs up beside you on the couch, or even a hug from your husband feels annoying? This is a short clip from a talk I did on pelvic health and sex. Sometimes, the needs just pile up, including our own and something’s gotta give! We don’t want our physical needs or the physical needs of our family to just become something else on the “to-do” list.

But when you’re nursing a baby or have a toddler climbing all over you, how else can we feel? Don’t worry – there are several things you can do to help with this, including breathing, exercise or meditation. The first thing is to realize that your reaction is in large part because you are in fact TOUCHED OUT. It can make a huge difference to know what your love language is. Click HERE to take a quiz to find out. This can help you know how to get your tank refilled as well as what can refill your family’s tanks (which will likely help meet their needs more easily). I know it can feel impossible to get a few moments alone, but it’s so critical – for you and for everyone around you! Please reach out if you’d like more support from us to know your body, get some help with all things women’s health, or just come in for a tea, coffee and a hug!

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