Madi here! I wanted to share the importance of listening to our bodies. Yes, we can dramatically think of the situations where people feel something is wrong, the doctor clears them with all their medical tests, later to find out they missed something, and the person has cancer. We aren’t going there today! Instead, we are talking about listening to our bodies’ subtle whispers to supply it with the cravings that it’s desiring at that moment, that day, that week.

Now… let’s not all quit our jobs because we are being whispered to the beach. But let’s simply give ourselves that extra moment, in a quiet, alone space to think and check in with our body. Many may be thinking, “how on Earth am I going to find enough time to be able to listen to my body?” Work on saying NO! That’s right, no more being a ‘Yes Girl’ and be able to take time for yourself. Whether that is during a daily meditation, shavasana at the end of yoga class, that 5 minutes staring at the coffee pot while it brews the morning nectar or lying-in bed at the end of that chaotic day.

Things to check in with:

• How are my bowel movements?
• Am I thirsty?
• Have I been feeling a consistent irritation in a certain region of my body?
• Do I feel there is a strait jacket wrapped around my chest?
• Am I exhausted?
• Am I moving my body enough throughout my day?

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