This is just PURE JOY! Lina came in beaming after her 2nd session. So often I meet women who have been told, “Of course you leak. You’ve had 4 kids.” Or they’re told it’s normal “for their age.” Well Lina and I and all of us at Moment of Truth would like to set the record straight!

You don’t have to suffer with leaking, avoiding trips or activities because of bathroom location or availability or just not feeling like YOURSELF! We have lots of resources for you. There are free reports on our website, including one with a Post partum Checklist to help you know what’s normal versus treatable so you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. We also offer a FREE discovery session to come in and share what’s been going on and we explain how we can help BEFORE you have to decide whether or not to spend any money with us. If you’d rather talk to us, please call the office at 623-226-4002 and we will be happy to chat!

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  1. I am 50. Mom of 3. Have to wear a pad daily and a heavy duty one during exercise. Do you help with older ladies that have incogence?

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