Hey MOT Fam – Amy here and I want to explain the link between our spinal mobility/flexibility and possible UTI symptoms or issues. This is especially important if you have back pain or have recurring UTIs. So we learn about all this stuff in school but this got way more tangible for me when I experienced it myself.

Gather round for story time!

I was having some of the common UTI symptoms but had no history of that issue and wasn’t having the classic burning with actual peeing. I also knew I historically had issues at my Thoracic-Lumbar junction but had not made any connection between the 2.

Thanks to the help of a truly talented chiropractor, Dara DaCuhna, I was able to recognize those symptoms resolving when she adjusted that area. Then I made some additional connections with my workouts that, when I did a workout that had a combo of rowing, burpees, toes-to-bar – basically things that required a lot of hinging in my midback – my symptoms would return. It finally clicked! I wasn’t having an actual UTI! I was causing irritation and my spine was sending messages to my bladder.

Spinal Mobility

T10-L2 are the levels where nerves go out that innervate the bladder. This is also where our midback joins into our low back near and just above our waistline. Our bodies are masterfully connected and this is all part of the brain – body – soul connection.

The thoracic spine is shown in blue and the lumbar spine is in green. We need this slight curve in our spine as that is our body’s own spring – our shock absorber. So the area we’re talking about is the last 2 levels of blue and 1st 2 levels of green. Because our curve transitions here, it’s already a common “Problem area”. Our neck of cervical spine is meant for looking right and left and up and down. Our thoracic spine (blue) is really critical for rotation and our lumbar spine (green) is for bending forward and extending back with less rotation needed or possible.

So let’s get to the good stuff – how do we have great spinal mobility. Well the classic “use it or lose it” applies. Our bodies are meant to move. Each of these vertebral levels are meant to have movement and fluidity. Generally, yoga, tai-chi, Pilates are all great for mobility but you can participate in any form of exercise as long as you include moving your spine.

My all time favorite stretch is Scorpion Stretch. Click on the name to go to our instructional video on that. Rotation is a great way to unlock tension and restriction and scorpions access the whole spine when you do them both with your arm straight and arm bent as shown in the video.

*** Critical disclaimer*** I’m not saying that all UTIs are from spinal restriction and that you don’t need medications or supplements to help urinary health and bacteria. Emily shared great advice for treating and preventing UTIs just last week. I’m just pointing out another contributing factor, especially if you suffer from recurring UTIs, that may be holding you back from optimal health!

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Amy and the Moment of Truth Team

These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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