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My one of my favorite tools to relieve stress is journaling. I do not usually set yearly resolutions however a have been asking myself ‘what do you want more of, and how can you bring this into your life?” For me the word that came to mind was calm and clarity. I decided to journal/ flow write or brain bump once weekly. If you know me I might appear calm and settled, but what you do not always see is my brains wheels spinning and re spinning over information.

With brain bumping your simple write and keep writing out all that is coming to mind this might look scattered or like a list at the end of your writing.

Flow writing is a bit more structured in that I will ask myself what is that I am over or rethinking and ask a question related to this. Giving myself a topic to write about. The key piece with flow writing to not to allow your pen to stop, even if you do not have any more thoughts coming to mind staying connected and simply writing ‘nothing is coming to mind’ this allows you to stay connected to the question at hand without allowing your mind to wander away. Setting a timer for 10-15 minutes each time you chose to flow write.Journaling, well we all know this one, allowing yourself to write freely. Each of these forms of journaling/ writing could be a way to help you build your toolbox of ways to de stress and manage the day to day.

Here are a few prompts if you are struggling to get started in your journaling.

  • Identify the hardest part of the last year through the lens of gratitude.
  • Consider one word that encapsulates that you want this year to bring.
  • Describe what the best version of you looks like.
  • What have you viewed negatively about yourself in the past and now see positively?
  • What obstacle is holding you back from who you want to be?
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