Courtney, our massage therapist, sharing her favorite turmeric latte
Beating the holiday sugar and inflammation!

Happy Fall Y’all!!

Who is already feeling the rush of the holidays in the air??

Halloween is over, and we know if we blink the holidays will be here. We know that Halloween and the rest are full of sugar and stress – what does that turn into in our bodies? – Inflammation/Pain

Court wanted to share something with you guys that serves as a double – a self-care tool, but also nourishing your hard working bodies – so we can find a little bit of time for peace, rest and relaxation for your body, but also packs a punch to kick out that inflammation!

Golden Turmeric Milk Latte

There are a million different recipes out there for this, and they are all generally the same with modifications/optional ingredients. Today we are going to use the recipe from

As usual, Court is going to use what she has at her house, feel free to check the link above to decide what you have available to use:

Coconut milk – Good healthy fats for your brain and body. I recommend full fat from the can if possible, but if yours is like my brand it’s almost more like coconut cream, you’ll need to half the amount of milk and add some water. You can swap with other milk of choice. If you do not use full fat, or a different milk you may want to add the coconut oil.

Turmeric powder – Powerful anti-inflammatory root that helps pain, digestion, respiratory issues, and more!

Cinnamon powder – Another great anti-inflammatory food, helps digestion as well!

Black Pepper (ground) – You guessed it – anti-inflammatory, too! We don’t need to add much, but believe it or not, adding a pinch with the turmeric and healthy fats help these all work better together for better absorption! Why is science weird like that?

Cardamom powder – Optional, but I recommend – especially if having this right before bed. Anti-inflammatory, calms digestion, and also has natural melatonin – perfect for getting you ready for sleep!

Ginger – Again, optional, but most of you know me and I have had my fair share of digestive issues, so I pretty much always have ginger in some form around the house. (Odd fact – only time ginger did not work me was pregnancy. Most moms with HG will tell you it actually made us worse – oh we tried it, trust me. haha!)

Honey (Local and Raw/Unfiltered if possible) – Might as well help our allergies out as we sip! You can also use maple syrup as well as stated in the recipe in the link above.

This recipe is great whether you are healthy or coming down with something, the honey plus all these other powerful ingredients will help you fight those germs and even soothe a sore throat!

Grab your ingredients and make it with me!

Don’t forget to use your trusty whisk that the kids bent up! haha – It still works just fine.

Put all ingredients (save honey for after it cools a bit to not kill the good stuff in it) in a small saucepan and simmer for 10 mins. Add sweetener of choice and enjoy!

I want you all to try this recipe out, take some time for yourself at least a few nights per week. Sit down and enjoy it outside, or maybe in a nice warm Epsom Salt bath – without your phone. Put on your favorite music, then put the phone down and just have a little date with yourself, because you are deserving of rest!

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