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Let’s talk snacking…how to do it, when to do it, and what to eat to keep your blood sugar happy. So, what does eating in a “blood sugar balancing” way mean and why is it so important? Anytime we eat, glucose in our blood elevates due to the food we consume being broken down and then insulin is released to store that glucose in our tissues to use when we need it. When we let our blood glucose get low and then get really high by eating something not balanced (like a carb by itself), it’s called a blood glucose spike. This roller coaster of glucose is tied to an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, decreased insulin sensitivity, cataracts, Alzheimer’s…the list goes on.

There is a ton of research, books, and podcasts out there on this whole concept. Here are a few:

Don’t skip meals (especially breakfast)!! After fasting overnight while we sleep, your blood sugar is pretty low when you first wake up. Our gas tanks of glucose and energy are empty at this time. So, if we don’t eat and then ask our bodies to perform, they have to get that glucose from somewhere…and guess where they get it from–your muscles. This process is hard on your body and requires cortisol and adrenaline to complete. We can avoid this destruction by eating within an hour of waking and not going 4-5+ hours without eating throughout the day which keeps our gas tanks full and happy.

My first tip is to pair a protein, carb, and fat together whenever you eat a snack. Some examples of protein are: salami, hard-boiled egg, prosciutto, meat stick, and high-quality protein powder. Examples of a good carb to include are: honey, whole fruit, maple syrup, OJ, dates, and sourdough bread. Lastly, examples of good quality fats are: plain yogurt, raw milk, olives, cheese, and peanut butter.

The reason we want to pair the 3 big macros (protein, carb, fat) is because when eaten together it keeps us full longer, decreases the amount of blood sugar spikes.

Here are a few snack combos from the ideas listed above:

  • Turkey slices with cheese and honey
  • Meat stick, apple sauce, string cheese
  • Salami, OJ, and olives
  • Hard-boiled egg with apples and peanut butter

We’d love to hear your favorite snack recipes! Please reply and share or let us know which of these ideas you loved best!

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