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A Podcast

So we pulled a switcheroo! Jocelyn is interviewing me for her podcast Real Talk with the Pelvic Docs (link is below). We had a great time and it was super fun for me to be on the other side of the interview. We mixed up all the roles as we got real, shared our passions for pelvic health and helping women and she even shared quite a bit from her perspective as a patient. We’ll be having her on our podcast soon so have a listen then let us know what you’d like us to talk about next time!


  • The WHY and WHAT of myofascial release
  • What has visceral work added to the practice
  • What’s up with pelvic floor work and PRs
  • where do we hope to see women’s health in 10 years

For more on Amy, visit her Bellies, Babies and Birth Show Page:

Or to listen now click here!

Jocelyn Connolly, “The Vagina Doc” is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ. She is the owner of The Vagina Doc Physical Therapy & Wellness, a concierge physical therapy practice that offers in person rehab, online consulting, and fitness programming. Jocelyn has dedicated her professional career to revolutionizing the delivery of women’s healthcare by providing top-notch clinical care, community education, and collaboration opportunities with others in the health & wellness space. As a lifelong athlete herself with pelvic floor dysfunction, she understands the unique needs of other highly active women. She understands the frustration of hearing advice that is well intentioned but misguided from incomplete understanding on female biomechanics and physiology. She believes in creating new ways for female athletes to participate in their sport/activity rather that giving the advice to just, “Stop doing…[CrossFit, Running, Weight lifting, etc…].” She is the host of the podcast, Real Talk With The Pelvic Docs, a podcast that talks about taboo topics surrounding women’s health. You can learn more by visiting her website or by joining the private Facebook group Pelvic Floor Support Group For Female Athletes & Active Women
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