I’ve had the absolute joy of talking to 3 different groups of women these past few weeks and we’ve talked a lot about common versus normal, leaking, prolapse, sex and more.

Are you pregnant and feeling like nothing can be done about your back pain or leaking? Do you wonder if it’s truly ok to resume sex 6 weeks after baby? What about working out? What’s safe? Am I going to cause a prolapse or make my abs worse?

There is no need to have all these doubts and lack the confidence to recover quickly, safely and in a way that helps you feel good about your body and entire healing process! 

And then there’s kegels! What to do? How many to do? Am I doing it right? Is mine strong or weak? Can I relax all the way? Wait, relax??? No one said anything about relaxing. Ladies, being able to relax your pelvic floor is just as important as having a strong pelvic floor. Tightness can contribute to pain and leaking almost more than weakness. Bottom line – a basic evaluation by a pelvic floor therapist can answer all these questions and more and ensure that you have confidence in what your body needs to return to all the activities you love! It often takes only 2-3 sessions to get women back to comfortable sex and resuming exercise, knowing what your own body needs for kegels and giving you the confidence to know you’re avoiding problems developing later related to leaking and prolapse.

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These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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