I work a lot with pregnant mamas and one thing they all have in common is wanting to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Having a LEEP procedure (loop electrological excision procedure, which is often done to remove cancerous or pre-cancerous cells on the cervix or even as a biopsy) can increase the chance of pre-term labor or lower birth weight babies. It seems that research shows this only occurred when there was a removal of 25mm or greater area. One lesser discussed issue is the sometimes resulting scar tissue that can form a band around the cervix. I do not know what percent of women experience this or how often it interferes with dilating. I only know about the moms I’ve worked with post partum who mentioned issues or that their midwife, nurse or doula massaged it or that it was painful, etc. . and the mamas I’ve helped prior to/during labor. The more encouraging news is that I have worked with women in pregnancy and ask them if they’ve had this done and am able to treat that preventatively to ensure it doesn’t interfere with dilation or cause any additional issues. To learn how, watch the video below.



How often in life do we learn something and think, “I wish I would’ve known . . .”

This is one of those issues that we can avoid, can treat and can help educate birth workers and women about to avoid unnecesary pain, complications, prolonged labor or other risks mentioned above. Please don’t use this information to be fearful if you need or have had a LEEP procedure done, but to educate about it being treatable and to help women know how to avoid problems with delivery or even their periods. Please remember we offer FREE discovery sessions so please don’t hesitate to reach out to get questions answered, find solutions to your concerns or get clarity about what might be the best next step for you!



These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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