So you’re pregnant! Congratulations mama! But suddenly your joy is cut short by nausea and vomiting, back pain and maybe even stabbing pain right in your . . . well you get the point. Some things are inevitable as the hormones change, baby grows and your body changes, but SO many things CAN be helped. I often talk to women who say they wish they’d seen me with their first pregnancy or come in while pregnant instead of just afterwards. They thought, or were led to believe, that there was nothing to be done and that their symptoms and pain were just part of being pregnant. That is often untrue and I LOVE helping women have a healthy, active pregnancy and feel confident and prepared for their chosen method of delivery. Here is my gift to you – a free report on 6 tips to avoid back pain during pregnancy. Check out the video below then scroll down for more info!



So whether you’re already experiencing diastasis, aren’t sure what exercise is safe to do, or are having pubic symphysis pain (that stabbing pain in your vagina that I mentioned), pelvic therapy can often help. I do hands-on work to ensure your pelvis is aligned, your muscles can not only remain strong but also relax fully (equally important) and that you feel confident in your exercise program to prepare for delivery. Even things that are considered totally normal in pregnancy, like broad or round ligament pain or some back pain, can often be alleviated by manual therapy, stretching and strengthening. Click HERE to get your free report with those tips for avoiding pain while pregnant. We’re here for you mamas!

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