Neck Stretch Sequence

The majority of us could use help with our posture, computer work, driving, breastfeeding and caring little ones all pull on our posture. These stretches are meant to help relax your neck allowing for a looser and upright posture.

Sitting comfortably, finger walk one arm out resting fingertips on seated surface (this can be done sitting on the floor). Relax your neck tilting your ear to shoulder toward the opposite shoulder of the outreached arm. Tilt your ear to shoulder and look down, tilt your ear to shoulder and up. Repeat on the opposite side. Holding each for 30 seconds 3 times or until you notice a relaxed sense within your neck and upper shoulders.

These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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