Tension is something that is effecting us all right now, maybe even tension headaches that get you right in the neck and shoulder areas. This stretch is great if you are holding a baby all day long, breastfeeding, sitting at a computer all day, looking at our phones…the list goes on! Take a break and try this great stretch with Court!

-Choose which side you want to start with, bring that same arm behind your lower back enough to meet it with your opposite hand (Let’s say we’re stretching the right side: right arm goes behind back, and grab your right wrist with your left hand.) Use that left hand to gently pull over a little just enough to help pull the right shoulder down a little bit, this should be gentle, we don’t want to ever forcefully pull/stretch.

-Next take your left ear and draw it down to meet towards the left shoulder. You may want to sit and breathe in this position for a few breaths.

-After you feel a little more open in that position, you can start to slowly look up and then slowly look down for a few slow breaths.

-Bring your head back up to neutral while still holding your arm, and turn your chin towards your left shoulder, breathe here a few breaths before moving on.

-Next, slowly and look up and down in this same position.

-Bring head back to neutral, and release arm.

-Be sure to do both sides!

Feel free to do this throughout the day as you feel that tension trying to creep in!

Is that tension not wanting to budge even with stretching?? We’re here for you! Courtney offers massage weekday afternoons and even Saturdays! Call 623-226-4002 to schedule!
These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.
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