Hey mamas, I’m sure you may have or currently are falling victim to pregnancy-related nausea, AKA morning sickness… Let alone all-day sickness! Unfortunately, 70% of pregnant women will experience nausea, typically starting at 6 weeks pregnant, peaking around 9 weeks, then tapering once in the 2nd trimester. When we experience this nausea, we are not moving well, which decreases circulation in our body, restricts breathing, and tightens our joints and muscles. 

There are a lot of remedies when it comes to treatment of nausea including supplements, snacks, hydration, etc. As therapists, we typically are trying to connect with the esophagus and stomach during treatment to help release gas and improve organ mobility. You can make this connection at home by using diaphragmatic breathing. The diaphragm lies between the esophagus and stomach and when the diaphragm lowers with inhalation it gives a rhythmic movement for digestion. 

When people are experiencing nausea or illness, they typically are not moving their body well, instead stiffening and restricting their movements to decrease the irritation in the gut and head. I included in the video some gentle neck and mid back movements, along with the diaphragmatic breathing, to help relieve these symptoms and get you back to doing the things you love! 

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