Sometimes once we have baby, we are so excited to have more mobility now that a bowling ball isn’t there, that we may forget that baby may have pushed on those abdominal muscles for a long time and they may still need a little time before we go back to moving how we did before baby. Our core might not be quite ready, and can this can cause our back muscles get used more. This might cause back/hip pain and even possibly strain and put pressure on the muscles in the front. I wanted to show you guys a couple of simple ways to be mindful when getting out of bed or off the couch when lying down, and even how to get onto the floor and back up. These can be useful during pregnancy and in the postpartum period or even if you are neither and you just have low back and/or hip pain!

I know my brain goes on autopilot and I can try to sit up quickly but this can be really hard on your core and low back muscles, so start practicing rolling to your side, then use your arms to push yourself up. Practice makes perfect and it will eventually become more of a habit, especially if you are noticing if it helps you feel better!

For more relief when going to sit down on the floor, lunge by putting one knee on the floor, then both knees down to kneel, and use your arms to sit. To get back up, get onto all fours, decide which leg is your more stable side and use that knee to push off of as you get up.

Try these tips and see if they help improve any pain you may be experiencing. If you are still struggling after a while, get checked out! We can help check your core to see if there is anything else going on, and coming in for a massage can also be beneficial in case there is an issue with muscle tension/compensation going on. Don’t forget we have a great Fall Special going on through November: Buy 5 massages and get one extra session for FREE. A great way to take care of your stress and pain throughout the holiday whirlwind! 

These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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