Welcome to our first ever MARCH GLADNESS Challenge! Gratitude can make all the difference in your mindset, so pick up some paper (or use this as an excuse to go buy a fabulous new journal), a pen and get started. The challenge is to write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. Try NOT to repeat any for the entire 31 days. Thank you March for the bonus day! Here’s some motivation:

Here are the ways to get entered into the challenge:

Write your 3 things you’re grateful for on our facebook business page. Connect with us here. Cassie and I will also be posting daily about things we are grateful for.

You can also text your daily blessings to 623-226-4002. We can’t WAIT to read them!

You can add extra entries to increase your chances of winning by posting a review on Facebook here, by sharing our posts on facebook, or by typing in Moment of Truth Physical Therapy on Google here. We love connecting with new clients

On March 31st, we will do a drawing for the free massage with Courtney! For those out of town, you can have the benefit of knowing you are shifting yourself and therefore, sending amazing ripples out into the universe.

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