Today Courtney is talking about Rebounding, the benefits, and how your kids can benefit – and get their wiggles out, too!

We are constantly talking about what healthy fascia should be like over here at Moment of Truth. We DON’T want those abs and glutes of steel; we want bounce and fluidity when we are looking for healthy tissue! When our fascia and tissue get tight/restricted it goes from that gel/fluid-like texture, to more of a harden glue-like texture. This can create pulling on nerves, blood vessels, prevent lymph from draining properly, food from being digested properly, etc.

The good news is there are ways to encourage this fluidity back into the fascia and help things function more optimally again.

One tool to do that is Rebounding. This is essentially gentle bouncing to encourage that fluidity/smooth movement back into the joints and tissue, we know that vibration helps this fluidity, so that is what we are doing but slowing it down, starting from your toes slowly up through each body part until you are feeling loose goosey all over and freely move into where your body feels like it needs to move and open!

This is a great time to turn on some fun music with your kiddos and get their crazies out and really let them move how they feel like they need to move. And granted, with kids they are probably not going to do it as in detail with each body part, but that’s ok, they will eventually learn how, and the point is for them to move freely in their body and listen to how it is telling them it needs to move! Mine really didn’t want to listen to anything I said when I made this video, and that’s ok. LOL Just let them move and wiggle (and giggle)!

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