This week’s helpful tip is more about helping you find the right physical therapist for you. I feel that a big piece of my job is helping people feel confident in making choices for their healthcare. I also have friends and colleagues all over the country and this info will apply anywhere you are.


There can be so many factors: location, price, specialty, whether they take insurance, how much time you get with the therapist. I often remind clients that it takes trust to allow someone to put their hands on you and trust them with your health, even more so with my pelvic health clients. This is why I offer a free discovery session so we can meet, you can see the space, we can discuss your concerns and I can explain how I can help.



So I hope this helps you clarify what you want, what you need, what you deserve and some options to explore! I love having a network of providers of all types available to ensure my clients get the best help from me as well as other aspects of their health they want to address! Call now and we can make sure you get that level of service too!

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