We have shown you the Figure Four stretch before, but wanted to give you guys a little extra variation of it to hit the hip area a little differently, and a little deeper if you are finding you need that! Especially if you find you are sitting a lot. Getting babies down to sleep….sitting at a desk…driving…eating….we all do so much sitting! Take a break and try this great stretch out!

-Start on the floor on your back, have feet resting on the floor, and choose which side you want to start with.

-Take that side and place that ankle on the opposite knee, trying to make a straight line with your foot and lower leg and you should see an upside down number 4 shape with your legs! Stay here for a couple mins if needed, this may be enough of a stretch for you – and that’s ok! If this feels comfortable after the next few breaths, move on to the next step, if not you can just end the stretch here.

-Slowly, begin to bring your foot that is on top of the knee, down to meet the ground. Stay in this position, breathe slowly for a few breaths.

-Optional: you can also slightly/gently pull the knee towards you or slightly/gently push knee away for other little variations of stretch and take a few more slow deep breaths.Slowly begin to bring the knee back to the Figure Four position and then you can gently take the foot down and try the other side!

As always, go into the stretch just enough to feel a good gentle pull, never force a stretch!

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These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.
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