Stress management coming into the new year can catch all of us off.

In this post we would love to share with you several ways that you can stimulate your vagus nerve. The Vagal Nerve helps regulate our stress response in our body. Helping to decrease the levels of Cortisol that it produces keeps us out of overdrive and flight or fight. We all made up differently so some of the following suggestions will not be for everyone. However the ones that you read and are like heck no might be the best ones for you to work through training your system to stay in a regulated downgraded state without instant reaction and flight or flight. I do not like the cold and cold exposure is not the one on the list that I thought I would choose but it has begun to become the best thing for me. I have recently started to end my showers with 30 seconds of cold water. Staying connected to my breath allows my body to stay calm and not react training my body to stay calm under perceived stress.

  • massage behind the ear
  • gargling
  • suboccipital release
  • cold water exposure
  • diaphragmatic breathing
  • meditation
  • humming/singing
  • sternal pressure
  • exercise
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