The first Frozen movie came out in November 2013, right in the midst of my decision to stop doing home health and focus only on my own private practice, Moment of Truth Physical Therapy. That movie was so powerful for me as it represents much of my journey at that time. Letting things go. Leaping into the unknown. Figuring out my specific gifts and owning that. Talking about fractals, which is the structural formation of our fascia. I could hardly believe it. Also this journey of realizing that what she feared most were actually her deepest gifts, that which she alone had to offer the world. Her “powers”, that the world made her fear, that made her an “other” and temporarily an outcast, ultimately saved them and, of course, love wins again. I feel this power can be unleashed any time we are brave enough to risk showing our magic to the world!

And now Frozen 2 (partial spoiler alert so read at your own risk). I have been on this roller coaster of a journey with my vision for the new Moment of Truth Healing Space and the building we bought last December, as in 2018. I never factored in “my becoming” that would be necessary to carry out that vision. Elsa, like so many of us, goes on this amazing journey to find the answers. She’s seeking her purpose, the “why” of her existence. Yet, like all of us, the answers are within! Don’t want to ruin the whole movie, but her discovery wouldn’t be nearly so valuable without the journey, the risk, the fight. I have been living that for the last year.

I truly connect with both Elsa and Anna. Like Anna, I’m a fiercely loyal cheerleader, often overly optimistic and supremely confident that love wins. Like Elsa, I feel that pull to more, to the adventure, the risk that brings excitement and that call to greatness, to dig deeper and find what else I have in me. I love the use of story and metaphors. Elsa couldn’t do what she did without the love and support of her family, something I am incredibly blessed to have. Without Steven, I would’ve surely given up, too scared of the risks we were taking. Without my team at the office to pray with, celebrate with, and strategize with, I would’ve lost focus and hope. I also have an amazing tribe of entrepreneurs and a business coach who have helped me keep doing the next right thing, also a theme of the movie and where Anna finds her strength. Sometimes all we can see is just that very next step. That has absolutely been the driving force that has helped me keep moving forward despite all of the apparent delays, obstacles and limitations.

If I went into all the ways God has spoken to me, this would quickly turn into a small book, but needless to say, my faith has been at the heart of it all, the ultimate refuge from the storm. The spirit in me is how I can face going inward for the answers I need. That has been an ongoing process similar to Elsa’s journey of self-discovery, greater understanding of my own gifts, purpose, strengths and becoming. All of this to say that I hope you see and LOVE the movie, that you continue on your own journey, encouraged by your own strength and the ability to go within. YOU are the 5th element! YOU are all you need! YOU are enough and breakthrough is just one magical discovery or risk away!

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