Happy Summer MOT Family! Amy here and thrilled to be kicking off our July series on summer fun and travel. Hope you all had a safe and fun holiday yesterday celebrating the priceless freedom we have in our amazing country. I recently traveled to a country that is the only in the world to not have any military whatsoever. Any guesses?

Costa Rica! It was truly beautiful. Here are a few pics of my family from this incredible adventure! (scroll down for 2 more)

Traveling can really mess up our bodies. Possibilities include:

  • road trip cramps,
  • a long flight,
  • sleeping in a different bed,
  • not in your usual routine for exercise,
  • possibly doing new or different activities than your body is used to

– there are a dozen reasons to need some help keeping basic mobility feeling good.

Here are my top 4 stretches that you can do nearly anywhere.

  1. Hamstring stretch – knee softly bent and pull your hip back.
  2. Quad stretch – 2 options. Hold onto something to help your body relax more
  3. Seated hip/glut stretch – you can really get a lot out of this by rotating or leaning to maximize the stretch and breathing into that pelvic floor!
  4. Trunk rotation stretch – Remember to breathe and expand your ribs!

There are many more – the most important thing is to move! If you’re doing more hiking or walking than normal, make sure to stretch those calves. We try to take our massage gun with us when we travel.

As you can see from these few pics, we were climbing waterfalls, hiking, riding ATVs so definitely had to stretch and give my feet some special love.

We’d love to hear from you, what favorite stretches or activities keep you feeling good when you travel! Don’t let anything hold you back from new adventures!

These videos/tips are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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