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Where did Cassie go? Who is on the phone? Is Cassie coming back? What is going on? Drum roll please. . . You guys! – it is absolutely our pleasure to introduce Natalie! She is our new customer care specialist and she is here to make sure you have what you need, get you your favorite coffee or tea when you come in, set you up on the chi machine (If you forgot all about that, ask us and we’ll show you!), make sure you get the appointment spot you need and make sure you know we’re all here for YOU! Well, let me shush and let her tell you!
And even though we’re thrilled to have Natalie, don’t worry! Cassie will be back and she has had a healthy baby boy and they are doing great. We are growing and Natalie is such a great addition to the team and she is excited to love on you guys and get to know you so come on in for a cup of tea or coffee, or just for Christmas hugs and New Year’s blessings!
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