“I am delighted to have the opportunity to give my personal experience journey with Amy while vacationing in Arizona this past winter. I was familiar with MFR through my own therapist in Illinois. My IL therapist is trained in the John F. Barnes style of MFR and strongly recommended I stay with a therapist with the same training while on vacation. I was delighted when Amy popped up in my search and she was less than 10 minutes from where I was staying. I have scoliosis which causes me grief and long travel drives do not help. I am also menopausal and was thrilled to find that since Amy is a physical therapist, and in Arizona one does not need a physician order for a PT, she could do pelvic work on me. Due to dryness, age etc. having sex had been a thing of the past due to pain and lots of discomfort. Imagine my delight after a few sessions of pelvic work my spouse and I were able to have fun again. Who knew that MFR (along with hormone therapy) could make such a difference in my life.  Amy also worked on my scoliosis each session as well. But what really impressed me was an experience my husband had in session with Amy. We had both finished reading Healing Ancient Wounds by John Barnes which Amy leant us. So we were familiar with terms like unwinding etc. While Amy worked on my husband’s shoulder in a couples session to show us how to work on each other, my husband suddenly started crying. This continued for at least half an hour. It was awesome to see his response but I felt jealous as I would love to have that kind of release. It was very powerful and not scary since we had read the book. He just started going to my MFR person for help with back and knees. I love that a holistic and natural way can make such a difference in your life. Amy’s caring nature and willingness to try different methods to make you feel better are A+. We plan on continuing MFR with Amy when we return in December.”


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