This topic is extra near and dear to my heart, having been through it with my own son and also walking so many families through this difficult and overwhelming time. Hopefully you received our email with the free report on lip and tongue ties and found that information helpful! More importantly, I hope it gave you HOPE! This time can be a lot to manage, but we can help you feel more confident, get the right team together, and get you to the other side of this, knowing that your baby will be healthy, eating well, and have much easier development. Listen to Laura’s story about her son, John!

Whether Torticollis (head tilt/neck tightness), Plageocephaly (flat head), lip and tongue ties, breastfeeding difficulties or digestive concerns, we are here to help and will connect you with whatever resources are needed to help you feel confident in your baby’s health and overall needs. You’re doing a great job and we want you to get some sleep like Laura! Call us at 623-226-4002 to find out more about how we can help you.

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