Hey all! This is Courtney. Oh, what a summer it has been!

Looking back, it’s been quite the whirlwind! I started some Giant Zinnias from seeds and once those bloomed, I was out there early every morning to greet them and look at all the ones that had bloomed overnight – it was so fun while they lasted (until temps went way up!)

Last year some friends from massage school and I started a yearly girls trip last year was in Page, AZ…and there is so much more to explore there that we just had to go back in May! It was so hard to narrow down the pictures from that trip alone, but it was full of adventure! Cathedral Wash Trail, Kayaking in Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, and Monument Valley were crossed off my list that trip and they were all amazing! Highly highly recommend.

In beginning of June, Jon and I celebrated 15 years of marriage with a couples retreat that my husband found! It was in Julian, California and our room viewed right over the lake, and we had healthy chef prepared meals that were brought to our door every meal, a private yoga couples’ session, a couples massage, and a couples reiki session! It was heavenly and we were ready to book another trip there for next year!

As amazing as that trip was, it was hard. On the day of our anniversary, my dear friend Shelly passed from a hard battle with cancer. So, some of that trip was spent staring at the lake thinking about her. And the day we were leaving back to Phoenix, I got a text that my dad was being sent back to the hospital, again. And I realized that he still hasn’t been home yet from that last time. With how many meds he has needed and nurses having very little time to get him up and moving every day, he had completely lost the ability to walk and needed to go to a rehab facility to get PT/OT several times a week to regain strength. It has been hard seeing my dad this way, so wading my way through all those emotions.

I borrowed a paddleboard in June and paddled down the Salt River for the first time ever (15+ years was the last time I had been on that river, crazy!) We were chased by a monsoon, and it was gorgeous. It was so much fun that I may have bought 2 on Prime Day.

Got to be a part of throwing one of my best friends a surprise party for her 40th birthday and she loved every bit of it.

July was busy! Beginning of July my baby, Aria, turned 5 (and she started Kindergarten, WAAAH!) We had a fun 3-night sleep over with my nephews filled with swimming and fun. We surprised Joshua and Aria with a trip to GREAT WOLF LODGE for one night. Have any of you been? We honestly had the best time. Aria and I mainly spent most of our time in the Lazy River being mermaids swimming as fast as we could. I have like one picture from that trip because we were wet most of the time and didn’t want to worry about our phones.

I ended July with taking the kids camping with a couple friends in Sedona, next to Oak Creek. We had a ton of fun, with a mix of STRESS. LOL, we are playing in the creek and used floats down the creek. A massive storm hit and the kid’s got pizza in the middle of their camping trip because of a flash flood warning in our area. So, they were thrilled. Little friends fighting and making up. Big and little emotions. Never a dull moment when camping with kiddos! I am still glad I did it, and hope there is many more in our future!

I also spent many days of summer before work and during breaks, with Legs Up the Wall, and breath. There were many many fun memories made this summer, and lots of hard emotions this summer. I ALMOST paused going to my Trauma Group until after summer since the kids were going to be home all summer, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….long story short, I didn’t stop going, and I am really glad I didn’t. 🙂 I hope you had your own fun adventures this summer, whether at home or out and about…and I hope you also found time to breathe through the hard parts. The ebbs and flows.

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