The most challenging part about stress is the fact that everyone can experience the exact same situation but process it much differently. We have all heard that stress isn’t always bad stress, stress can motivate people to be more timely, organized and driven as an individual. What we can all agree on, is that too much stress can quickly wear on us and create irritation and challenges within our life, making tasks that used to be easy or thoughtless, dawning and not fulfilling.
A great way to decrease risk of stress overcoming your body and creating issues listed above, is finding your individual relaxation routine. Many people will meditate, walk, strength train, read, walk, take a bath or get a massage. One of our favorites is yoga, yoga acts as a gentle mind-body approach to assist in overall health and wellness.
REMINDER: We offer a variety of yoga-based exercises that can help with stress relief!

Click the link below to see the weekly yoga class schedule here at the beautiful, Healing Space!


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