In this video we share with you a way to self-treat for pelvic floor tension by stretching the Perineum. This is great for cyclists, tight hips, tailbone pains, and hesitation to urinate by relaxing pelvic floor muscles with the use of reverse Kegels. 

We recommend that you sit in a comfortable chair where your feet can rest on the floor without dangling. A soft chair may be best as you begin, with ability to sit on a firm (wood) chair after practicing a few times. Sitting on the ball for 3-5 minutes a day, allowing your tissue to soften and relax. We typically recommend a firm ball, allowing it to fit between your sitz bones giving upward pressure to your perineum without wanting to stand up and get off the ball prior to 3-5 minutes with ability to sit and sink in. 

Personally, I use this when my hips are tight and general stretches are not getting all the tightness. I tend to have more tension in my right hip and glute that pulls to my pelvic floor with some numbness in my right leg when I am on the Elliptical. When I feel this in my leg, I know it is time to find my ball and self-treat for a bit. – Melissa 

Melissa’s video that shares her self-treatment technique : https://bit.ly/3OTbsuz

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