Continuing into October and breast cancer awareness month, this week’s wellness Wednesday is all about breasts too.

Did you know that you can massage your own breast? This is an area that often gets missed within self-care. Maybe you have had an injury to your breast, been told you have dense tissue in your breast, are breast feeding, have/had implants, have a forward posture, have pain in your chest or sternum or just have breast tissue.

This video walks you through a self-treatment technique that ads in increasing blood flow to our breast tissue, and releasing fascial restrictions. This technique is to be done on skin allowing one’s own hands to sink into tissue and not just gliding on clothing. Myofascial release and fascial releases might also give you information on connected areas of tension that could also use some body work.

Finding a comfortable private place, allow yourself to sit with your own body and listen for soft cues of what else might feel tight.

We hope that you give it a try.

Let us know if you have any questions about if this could be good for you and your health.

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