Hello Moment of Truth Family – Amy here and we’re continuing with pelvic floor info and treatment tips for both men and women this month.

Pictures are indeed worth 1,000 words so I wanted you to see both the Obturator Externus and Internus, which will be the focus of today’s treatment technique. Note that they are underneath the piriformis, which is underneath your gluts. All that to say – these are deep muscles!

Imagine that they may be tight – see how they all attach to the head of the femur? Tension can cause an upward pull that can jam the femoral head into the hip socket. This greatly affects hip flexibility and can contribute to sacral/low back pain and even tailbone pain or faster wearing down of the hip joint. One tricky part is that it can present like groin pain or even pain inside the pelvic floor. Scroll down to watch our video on self-treatment and some of the other issues this might be affecting!

The Obturator muscles are just 2 of the muscles we check when we address pelvic pain. This can be done both internally and externally, but they’re often critical to full resolution of pelvic floor, hip, and low back issues.

Have you ever had:

  • Pain with sitting, especially on a hard surface?
  • Hips pinching with squatting.
  • Feeling like your hip is compressed with running or other exercise?
  • Tailbone pain not fixed with stretching, massage, or an adjustment.

When both obturators are tight, they can cause a pulling on both sit bones and contribute to pain with sitting as well as tailbone and hip pain. I could go on and on about all the connections but try this out. If you find significant tenderness or would like help with a thorough evaluation so you know exactly what you need to work on, give us a call at 623-226-4002. Either way, we’d love to hear how this technique works for you!

This video Amy explains more about the Self Obturator Release: https://bit.ly/3Rt5pi2

(Sorry about the sound – my mic was having its own little dance party)

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