Meditation to connect the mental and emotional body.

Hello Moment of Truth Family! Continuing our theme this month with focus on our men. It is not as common for most males to drop inward easily. We wanted to create a meditation to help guide everyone to drop into self, turning off our working brains and turning on our feeling brains. Within sessions we often ask you to drop in or quite down allowing for sensation to connect to treatment received.

This meditation is great to help you drop in and settle before a session, to use at the beginning of the day or any time you feel you need to reconnect to self. We live in a fast, high paced society and we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes as we are managing our day-to-day life. Connecting to breath head to toe.

In the video above, Melissa guides Madi through this meditation. Begin sitting or lying quietly for almost 10 minutes might seem like the end of the world or that you do not have time for this. But we cannot forget to take care and connect to ourselves daily. This is a guided meditation, give yourself grace just to have awareness of sensation and breath.

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