C-sections, a mastectomy, abortion, having 3 kids vaginally, miscarriages, rape, molestation, surgery, rejection – What do they have to do with one another?

They can all lead to pelvic pain.

Pelvic pain has become very personal to me over the last 4 years as I have begun working with more and more women with pelvic pain.  At one time, I had been reading numerous posts on several different pages from women who are suffering in ways too innumerable to mention.  I’m so grateful that these pages exist as resources for women to share their thoughts, questions, fears, resources, and information.  However, my heart is breaking over the excruciating pain, the dissolving of marriages, the shame, the lack of answers, the frustrations, their inability to live a full and happy life, unlimited and free from pain.

It’s not ok!

It’s not ok that women feel shame because they have pelvic pain.

It’s not ok for women to feel they just have to deal with peeing, pain or other issues just because they’ve had children.

It’s not ok that they can’t find help, that they are made to feel crazy because no diagnostic test can label or find their pain.

It’s not ok that just because people can’t see their pain, that they are made to feel like hypochondriacs, assumptions of exaggeration or laziness as these ladies end up on disability because they are in too much pain to sit, stand or walk.

It’s not ok for mamas to miss their kids events and performances because they can’t sit for more than 5 minutes without unbearable pain and feel they have nowhere to turn for help.

It’s not ok that so few seem to have been offered the conservative option of pelvic physical therapy; that so few have been told about gentle internal manual work; that therapists aren’t making more of an effort to educate doctors and patients about these conservative, safe and gentle alternatives; that doctors don’t seek out answers besides medication and surgery.

So what do we do?

Myofascial release is a safe, gentle hands-on approach.  I always treat the whole body and always start with the pelvis, on any patient, with any complaint.  Look back at the list of things I started with and consider for a moment how those might create scar tissue.  Anything that causes inflammation(including physical and emotional traumas), causes the fascia and the ground substance to begin to harden and solidify and that is what our nerves, blood vessels, and pressure-sensitive structures flow through. Scars continue to grow like vines if untreated.  Your fascia is a continuous web that runs from head to toe and literally creates the environment of the nearly 300 trillion cells in your body.

Listen as one mama shares her experience of feeling like herself again. To watch Danae’s video, click here!

Even small scars such as episiotomy scars or stitches from a tear can create restrictions that affect urination or cause painful sex.  30-40% of women leak in the months following delivery and as many as 20% of women have stress incontinence even 6 months after a vaginal delivery.  Pain with sex happens for nearly 75% of women after childbirth and even 25% report painful intercourse 18 months later.  As many as 15% of women developed pelvic pain after a variety of surgeries, not even necessarily related to the pelvic area.  NOT OK!!!!  Especially when pelvic physical therapy can help with even 1-2 sessions postpartum.  Post-surgical results are more dependent on length of time with pain, number of surgeries, etc. . , which is why it’s so critical for women to learn about how this can help prior to surgery.

Please spread the word, seek help, even if you’re not sure if you have any scar tissue or inflammation.  A session with a pelvic therapist can restore confidence in moving forward with all the activities you love and set you on a path to healing and wholeness or at least answer some of the questions you haven’t even known to ask.  My passion is to help you thrive in any aspect of life so that nothing holds you back from doing all you are meant to do!

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