Postpartum recovery is such a unique experience and we are trying to shift that conversation. There is a new person you get to meet when you have the baby and it isn’t just the baby – It’s YOU! The transformation into motherhood is massive and it happens again/differently with each child.

There are different ways to define these time frames and a lot of overlap/variety. There is also a wide range of “normal” experiences within these brief descriptions so please don’t see any of this as absolutes but rather guideposts for checking in.

RECOVERY – 0-4 weeks. The first 24 hours can be pretty critical for some basic rest, ensuring bleeding is under control and beginning the breastfeeding relationship. The next few weeks are really getting to know each other and adjusting to everything being new. It’s a time to heal, focus only on your health and that of the baby. This is such an important time for moms to have support and it’s not reasonable for you to even know what you need. We strongly encourage women to set up support – meals, cleaning, laundry – before having the baby.

REINTEGRATE – 3-8 weeks. Getting your bearings and resuming daily activities as you adjust to caring for this child and yourself. Finding some routines with feeding and sleeping is comforting at this point. Please get support for any challenges you may be noticing with feeding or your own healing. Women shouldn’t be expected to just “know” things, even what resources might be out there!

IBCLCs help with lactation
Pelvic PT can help with healing for your body
Postpartum doulas provide assistance for you and your baby
Chiro can adjust you or your baby to help with discomfort
Many counselors specialize in perinatal mental health
Please reach out as we have a broad network and would love to help connect you with someone who can help!

REHABILITATE – 8 weeks to 6 months – Obviously, this covers a huge range of time in which a lot of critical pieces are happening. During this time, women are often resuming sex and exercise, returning to work, and more! That is why this is a critical time to get some care for yourself. A pelvic PT can check your tissues and give you guidance related to safely resuming your previous activities. We can address pain and help you feel confident about what your body needs.

REBUILD – 6 months and beyond. It’s so important for women to regain a sense of self. We talk a lot about expectations and wanting to embrace that we shouldn’t try to be superwoman or “get our body back”. Embrace what’s new but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel fit and healthy. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a life and activities outside of being a mom. This phase allows you to get your stamina back. Hopefully, you are getting more sleep again and feeling more energized. Healing has typically occurred. Sometimes we find that it isn’t until this phase that women feel more capacity to care for themselves, particularly if the baby has been challenged with digestion or sleep or had medical needs. Mamas, only you can make yourself a priority and we are here to help!

A lot of women are concerned about DIASTASIS after delivery so Jocelyn made a great video to talk you through a self-check. We absolutely don’t want fear to hold you back and it helps so much to get checked so you don’t have to worry about things like diastasis, prolapse, or leaking pee.

Don’t take out word for it – we know you’d rather hear from a mama JUST LIKE YOU! Denay doesn’t hold back so listen to what she says about postpartum recovery. Nothing is TMI around here.

We have a postpartum checklist to help you check in with your body and know what things might be common versus normal. Click HERE if you’d like your own copy sent right to your inbox.

Ok so I might have gone overboard on the resources here, but in case you can’t tell, we are extremely passionate about education and empowering women to take charge of their health. There are tons more resources on our website and we also have a weekly Mamas Circle Wednesdays 10 am-11:30 for pregnant or newly postpartum mamas! We’d love to see you. Please let us know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover or something that we can do to support you in any aspect of your healing journey! We truly love hearing from you and reading every single email!

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