Hey all – Amy here as we continue our discussion on all things hormonal and post-partum.

This topic specifically makes me grateful to have Dr. Mallory in our space and to know several good naturopaths as well. We hope you got a lot out of her podcast interview with Madi. To listen now, click HERE.

All that to say, this email is more woman to woman, mom to mom, from me about my experience and that of many of our clients. If you have concerns, are having symptoms and feel your body is truly not quite right, seek an experienced medical professional (we can make excellent referrals for people we have met and spoken to).

Listen to this video for my real talk on my births and a few struggles I faced. I did my best not to ramble but you will hear my whiny dogs and the echo of my tiled front room so welcome to my home.

Moral of the story – hormones are important but not to blame for everything and often we need some outside perspective to help us with what we can’t possibly see.

Hormones are a topic near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. They affect:

  • our energy
  • our mental state
  • our skin
  • our libido (although not nearly as much as we’ve been led to believe)
  • our overall health in terms of exercise, recovery, organ function, immune system

Women, and particularly mamas, can be so depleted in numerous ways. It’s never a bad idea to get bloodwork and make sure you have a thorough picture of things, but for this to be accurate, you ideally need to wait until your cycle has returned after delivery and nursing because where you are in your cycle determines what levels are healthy at that time. So much could go into this discussion on optimal post-partum care – meals, house cleaning, laundry, moms day out, date nights, sleep, showers, massages, jeesh I almost forgot Pelvic PT!

Hormone imbalances or deficiencies can provide an added burden to all the above and add to fatigue, autoimmune weakness and more so when in doubt, get checked out.

Let us know what support you need, and we’d LOVE to hear your post-partum stories. If you’d like to come in and chat, check out more info about our Discovery Session or if you’d like to discuss things more with Dr. Mallory, check out her website.

Have a blessed rest of your week!

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