The Right Questions to Ask a Pelvic Physical Therapist Before Going In

You know that search bar. (Whatever we’re looking for) NEAR ME – those magical words that are supposed to make things convenient, help us, take a lot of the guesswork out of our search.

But here’s the catch – did we ask the right questions? Do we even know what we’re looking for? Will we know it when we see it? Do we have anything to compare it to?

I’m sure when we start typing, we are fairly certain. At least we’ve gotten past the dreaded “Where do you want to eat? I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?” But how do you FEEL as the results start to pop up? Are you relieved that someone, somewhere has somehow found a way to rank things for us? Do you jump to the google reviews? Or maybe you’re all about Yelp. Most of us are looking for convenience so prioritize places closest to us. What’s your most important search criteria?

So, let’s go back to thinking about the questions we ask. I think we can all agree that not all tacos are created equal. So how do you find a great new taqueria?

Now what about something that might drastically impact your health. The right doctor to evaluate your hormone levels. A counselor to truly address your trauma. Someone to help heal your birth injuries and help you get back to the gym. C’mon – you knew I was going to get here eventually.

Have you ever searched for a provider near you? Seriously, take a minute and think about it. What were you hoping to find? Is it based on location? If they’re in network? The one with the most 5-star reviews? What matters to you and why?

Stay with me. So, you find somewhere. Do you pick up the phone or go to their website first? Maybe their Facebook page or Instagram? If you click on their site, what do you need? Directions? Pricing?

I think most people want to find something of themselves. To feel known. Ok I know I went from silly questions to a deep dive pretty quickly, but I’m trying to help us look at the decisions we make and how we can make even better ones.

My business coach often says that to get better answers, we have to learn to ask better questions and I think that’s 100% true. Here’s the rub. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Believe me! I run into that every day with our work. Most people have NO idea at all that what I do even exists. It’s nearly daily and definitely weekly that a woman says to me, “I had no idea there was physical therapy specifically for the pelvis to help with having a baby.” Or some variation of that. So how on earth are we supposed to ask better questions about something we know nothing about?

My biggest hope for our space is that people would feel safe. My 2nd biggest hope is that they feel known. I am no marketing specialist and anyone who has met me knows tech is NOT my thing. So, I had to hire help for my website, but I truly hope that when people find their way there, they see something of themselves, or it meets a need that maybe they don’t even know they have, answers a question they didn’t even know to ask.

See? Told you I would get there eventually. We need help learning how to ask better questions and that is often born out of experience and sometimes, unpleasant ones. So, if we can help others avoid that, it would truly be our pleasure! Most of our videos and reports offered on our website were born out of needs our clients had that we decided to meet, sometimes we didn’t even think of it ahead of time. We have a free guide on Pelvic Physical Therapy for that very reason – to try to help people know what to look for, what to expect and maybe help with some better questions to ask to know if they’ve found the right place.  No one likes uncertainty. No one likes feeling incompetent or unprepared.

We want to do our best to at least help with some of those questions you don’t know to ask. Whether people come to see us or even live in another state, we want to help as many people as possible know what pelvic health physical therapy is, who it can help and how to find the right one for you! Just like not all tacos are created equal, not all providers are equal in terms of being the right fit for you and your needs.

Here are a few of the questions we answer on our website and in that free report.

  • What exactly does a Pelvic Physical Therapy do?
  • How can Pelvic Physical Therapy help me?
  • What’s the difference between an insurance-based clinic and a cash clinic in terms of my care?
  • Do all Pelvic Physical Therapists offer the same services?

Here are some questions you can ask if you’re calling around to different clinics that popped up when you asked your magic “near me” question:

  • How many years of experience does the therapist have with pelvic health?
  • How long will I be with the therapist each visit?
  • How many times per week do I come and what is the average number of visits a person is usually seen?
    This one is highly variable but might give you an idea of the time investment as well as cost. For example, if 1 office has you come 3x/wk for 12 weeks, consider the time off work or to get a sitter but also how your needs are met, and problem solved versus an office that typically gets results in.

My heart breaks a little every time a woman says they wish they’d found us sooner or I hear another story of how long they’ve endured their pain without answers. If this gives you ANY useful information or helps you ask better questions, PLEASE share it with another woman. We just want more people to know what services are out there and how to get help!

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