Some women sense they’re periods are coming because of low back pain. We wonder why this happens and many professionals don’t even know! Read below:

Menstruation and ovulation causes changes in hormones and chemicals affecting tissue mobility and tension. Estrogen, seemingly the primary instigator for back pain, and prostaglandins being its sidekick!

When our periods start, estrogen is at its lowest, which leads to ligament laxity causing muscle tension to protect, leading to pain

Prostaglandins stimulate the uterus to shed its lining, causing lower abdomen cramping that wraps pain into the low back

Anatomy Time! — It’s overwhelming how many muscles attach into the pelvis, with one attaching from the low back THROUGH the pelvis into each leg; the psoas muscle.

When the psoas is tight, the back arches and hips will bend, and get tight with prolonged sitting. when my own cramps are intense.. I find myself sitting with knees bent to chest and pillow behind my back.. shortening the psoas EVEN more

How to manage low back pain with menstruation: Keep moving! Gentle walk, 10-15 minute yoga, light to moderate resistance work out, drink plenty of water (Normal daily average of water intake is ½ your body weight in ounces), belly breathing relaxes muscles and promotes circulation of increased fluid within the lower pelvis during menstruation, and can be done in child’s pose to stretch your back and open up pelvic floor.

See video for more!

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